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Good Corporate Governance (GCG)
Implementation of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) at PT Rekadaya Elektrika based on SK-Dir No. 079 / SK-Dir / RE / VIII / 2019, dated August 28, 2019, concerning Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance (GCG) at PT Rekadaya Elektrika, which contains the following matters:

1. Introduction

    1.1. Background and Systematics of Corporate Governance Guidelines (GCG Code)
    1.2. Corporate Governance Objectives (GCG Code)
    1.3. Corporate Culture

2. Principles of Good Corporate Governance
    2.1. Transparency
    2.2. Independence
    2.3. Accountability
    2.4. Liability
    2.5. Fairness

3. Guidelines for Corporate Organs
    3.1. Relationship Between Corporate Organs
    3.2. General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS)
    3.3. board of Commissioners
        3.3.1. Orientation / Introduction to the Board of Commissioners
        3.3.2. Commissioners from Outside the Company (Independent Commissioners)
        3.3.3. Use of Professional Services
        3.3.4. Committees Under the Board of Commissioners
        3.3.5. Board of Commissioners Meeting
        3.3.6. Board of Commissioners’ Performance
        3.3.7. Board of Commissioners Ethics Position
        3.3.8. Working Relationship of the Board of Commissioners with the Board of Directors
        3.3.9. Secretary of the Board of Commissioners
    3.4. The Directors
        3.4.1. Independence and Conflict of Interest
        3.4.2. Directors Orientation / Introduction
        3.4.3. Use of Professional Services
        3.4.4. Directors Meeting
        3.4.5. Directors’ Performance
        3.4.6. Board of Directors Ethics
        3.4.7. Management of Special Register and Shareholder Register
        3.4.8. company secretary
        3.4.9. Internal audit
        3.4.10. External Audit

4. Company Policy Guidelines
    4.1. Accounting Standards
    4.2. Internal Control System
    4.3. Internal business
    4.4. Relationship with Shareholders
    4.5. Relationship with Subsidiaries and / or Affiliates
    4.6. Occupational Safety and Health (K3) And Environmental Conservation
    4.7. Procurement and Relationship with Partners
    4.8. Partnership with the Community
    4.9. Application of Technology
    4.10. Business competition
    4.11. Risk management
    4.12. Relations with State Officials
    4.13. Classification and Disclosure of Information

5. Implementation and Enforcement
    5.1. Measurement of GCG Code Implementation
    5.2. Organization
    5.3. GCG Code Enforcement
    5.4. Socialization and Internalization
    5.5. Integration / GCG Code Revision

6. Explanation on the Statement of PT Rekadaya Elektrika’s Elements



Code of Conduct (COC)

The application of the Code of Conduct (COC) at PT Rekadaya Elektrika based on SK-Dir No. 173 / SK-Dir / RE / I / 2020, dated January 8, 2020, concerning the Code of Business Ethics and Code of Conduct (COC) at PT Rekadaya Elektrika, which contains the following matters:

1. Introduction
    1.1 Background and Systematics of the Code of Business Ethics & Code of Conduct
    1.2 Purpose of Business Ethics and Conduct
    1.3 Corporate Culture
    1.4 Fundamentals of the Relationship of Directors, Commissioners and Rups

2. Business Ethics and Ethical Conduct
    2.1 Company Ethics with Workers
    2.2 Company Ethics with Customers
    2.3 Company Ethics with Competitors
    2.4 Company Ethics with Goods and Services Providers
    2.5 Company Ethics with Work Partners
    2.6 Corporate Ethics with Creditors / Investors
    2.7 Corporate Ethics with Government
    2.8 Company Ethics with the Community
    2.9 Company Ethics with Mass Media
    2.10 Corporate Ethics with Professional Organizations
    2.11 Work Ethics with Fellow Workers of PT Rekadaya Elektrika
    2.12 Maintaining the Confidentiality of Company Data and Information
    2.13 Safeguard Company Assets
    2.14 Maintaining Security, Safety, Health, Work Environment
    2.15 Recording Reporting Data
    2.16 False Statements and Conspiracies
    2.17 Avoiding Conflicts of Interest and Misuse of Position
    2.18 Receiving Gifts / Souvenirs / Gratuities and Entertainment
    2.19 Giving Gifts / Souvenirs and Entertainment
    2.20 Misuse of Narcotics, Drugs (Drugs) and Liquor (Alcohol)
    2.21 Political Activity
    2.22 Integrity of Financial Statements

3. Implementation and Enforcement
    3.1 Measurement of the Application of Code of Conduct
    3.2 Organization
    3.3 Code of Conduct Enforcement
    3.4 Socialization and Internalization
    3.5 GCG Code Updates / Revisions
4. Explanation of PT Rekadaya Elektrika’s Element Statement



Whistle Blowing System (WBS)

Implementation of PT Rekadaya Elektrika’s Whistle Blowing System (WBS) based on Joint Decree of the Directors and Board of Commissioners No. 176 / SK-Dir / RE / VIII / 2019 dated August 28, 2019, concerning the Whistle Blowing System (WBS) Reporting System at PT Rekadaya Elektrika, which contains the following matters:

1. Background
2. Objectives, Targets and Benefits
3. Glossary of Terms Used
4. Process of Handling Reports of Violation Complaints
    4.1. Facility for Reporting Violation Complaints
    4.2. Type of Violation
    4.3. Management of Reporting Violations Complaints
    4.4. Deadline for Follow-up on Complaint Reports
    4.5. Follow-Up Investigation of Violation Reports
    4.6. Periodic Report on the Implementation of a Reporting System
    4.7. Reporting Status
    4.8. Protection for Reporters

5. Giving Incentives
6. Fake Reports
7. Deadline for Reporting / Reporting Violations

8. Relationships Between Processes in WBS

    8.1. Report Receipt Process
    8.2. Witness Protection Process
    8.3. Reporting Investigation Process
    8.4. The Process of Providing Incentives
    8.5. Reporting Information Management Accountability Process

9. Legal Basis
    9.1. Company Internal Regulations
    9.2. Indonesian Regulations related to WBS

10. Legal References



Guidelines for procurement of goods / services within PT Rekadaya Elektrika



Guidelines for the Decree of PT Rekadaya Elektrika Gratification Control Policy



Board Manual PT Rekadaya Elektrika