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The Board of Commissioners Visited the Cirata Transmission Line and Substation Project

On Thursday, 22 December 2022, the Main Board of Commissioners (Mrs. Alfath Cordea Imalutha) & the Board of Commissioners (Achmad Fachruddin) had the opportunity to visit the project location that is currently being worked on by Rekadaya Elektrika, namely the Transmission Line project site and the 150 kV Cirata Substation. Accompanied by 3 Directors, namely Mr. Jonner MP Pardosi (President Director), Mr. Indrayoga Suharto (Business Director 1), Mr. Nur Hidayat (Business Director 2) and the Corporate Secretary with the head office HSE team.

The visit begins with a site visit to the 150 kV substation work location which is located not far from the location of the PT PLN Nusantara Power Unit Pembangkitan Cirata Office, then proceeds to the Transmission Line (TL) tower 9 project and ends at the TL tower 1 project which is right on the location Cirata Floating PLTS.

The Transmission Line development work being carried out by RE aims to support electricity distribution services which will later be generated from the Floating PLTS owned by PT PLN Nusantara Power.