Board of Director

Board of Director


Position President Director
Age 51 years old
Education Bachelor Mechanical Engineering - Bandung Institute of Technology
Job Experiences PT Rekadaya Elektrika President Director, PT Rekadaya Elektrika Business Director, PT. PJB Head Office
PT. PJB Business Development Unit


Position Business Director 1
Age 52 years old
Education Master Chemical Engineering - Sriwijaya University
Job Experiences Director of Production & Commerce of PT Bukit Pembangkit Innovative, General Manager of UPHB, II Niaga Senior Specialist at DITAGA (PJBS), UBP Talang Duku Manager


Position Business Director 2
Age 55 years old
Education Bachelor of Electrical Engineering - Hasanuddin University, Makassar
Job Experiences PT Rekadaya Elektrika 2 Business Director, PT PLN (Persero) Distribution Management II Senior Engineer, PT PLN (Persero) Construction and Maintenance Manager


Position Director of Marketing and Business Development
Age 47 years old
Education Master of Management - Padjadjaran University, Bandung
Job Experiences Finance & Marketing Director of PT Rekadaya Elektrika, Corporate Secretary of PT Rekadaya Elektrika
Soejendro Susanto Consulting Solutions Consulting System
Senior Auditor Prasetyo Utomo & Co.


Position Director of Finance, HR and General Affairs
Age 51 years old
Education Bachelor of Social and Political Sciences - University of Indonesia, Depok
Job Experiences PT Rekadaya Elektrika HR & General Director, Senior Manager of Investor Relations and GCG of PT PLN (Persero)